Ensure the best mechanical health of your  treasured timepiece. Experienced technicians working to high standards,  our primary concern is the function, efficiency and longevity of your  clock. 

Many repair services only correct the bare minimum of issues in  order to encourage the mechanism to work again. We ensure all parts are  the best they can be. The pivots must all be smooth, all holes within  optimum tolerance, all mainsprings should have the power to run the  whole week without struggle, the right lubrication must be used in the  right places. Why pay for half a job with half the lifespan, running  half as efficiently?

 Come to us and get what you pay for! 

Case Restoration and repairs

 We also offer case repairs and  restoration/renovation.From mild damage to complete rebuilds of cases  that resemble a jigsaw puzzle and all else inbetween. We can make clocks  look brand new, untouched, aged, mild renovation, you name it, we can  offer a solution. 

Callout and Delivery

 Cant travel? Require a home visit? Clock too big for the car? We can (for a small fee) come to you!